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2500mm Tissue Paper Production Line

2500mm Tissue Paper Production Line

2500mm Tissue Paper Machine is the advanced crescent paper machine in foreign countries. It is mainly suitable for the production of facial tissue, toilet paper and paper rag with a basis weight of 13 - 41.2g/c㎡ by using native wood pulp. The finished paper has flat surface, uniform thickness, no cracks and holes, and other paper diseases.

2500mm Tissue Paper Machine mainly consist of headbox, wire section, press section, yankee cylinder, transmission section, and a paper winder.

Main Technical Data:

Paper Grade: Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue, Paper Rag; 

Base Weight: 13 - 41.2g/c㎡;

Production Capacity: 88 T/d;

Working Speed: 1650 m/min;

Trimmed Width: 2500 mm;

Reel Width: 2500 mm;

Wire Width: 3565 mm;

Material: 304、306、306L Stainless Steel. 

Stock Preparation System:

Due to the raw material is 100% native wood pulp, it need to purchase the pulp board for pulping process. So the stock preparation system are mainly consist of beating of the mixture of long and short fiber, sand removal and pulp refining. The facilities are provided by Leizhan company have Middle Consistency Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner and Double Disc Refiner.

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