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New Generation Double Disc Refiner for Beating

New Generation Double Disc Refiner for Beating

According to the advanced paper machines technology at home and abroad, our professional engineers have developed and produced a new generation of  RF series double disc refiner for stock preparation line. It is an ideal continuous beating equipment, which can be used for corrugated paper, kraft paper, tissue paper or culture paper production line.

This high-tech double disc refiner can mainly be applied for the chemical pulp, waste paper, wood pulp, white shavings, virgin pulp and other pulp in consistency of 3-6%. The RF series double disc refiner with outstanding refining ability will observably improve the beating degree of paper pulp, which can further improve the quality of finished product paper.

Advantages of New Disc Refiner

The RF series double disc refiner has a compact structure, low power consumption, small size and small floor area which is easy and convenient in operation and maintenance.

The double disc refiner with strong adaptablity and fexible adjustment can easily deal with various pulping line by different raw materials. According to the requirement of stock preparation line, the double disc refiner can be applied as single unit, multiple units in series or in parallel.

The cover of double disc refiner can be easily opening for check and maintenance. Besides, the discs inside have many types to meet the requirement of pulp beating. They can easily be replaced and maintained as well.

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