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Tissue Paper Rewinding Machine

Tissue Paper Rewinding Machine

1880 type toilet paper rewinding machine adopts PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface operation and frequency conversion speed regulation. A variety of functional devices are arranged on toilet paper rewinding machine, and automatic trimming, glue spraying, edge sealing, and shaft drawing can be completed simultaneously. Moreover, there is no paper loss when the roll paper is cut into the band saw and packaged, and the operation is simple and the production efficiency is high.

Main Technical Parameters: 

Base Paper Diameter: ≤1100mm 

Base Paper Core Diameter: Φ15-76.2mm 

Programmable Controller: PLC 

Production Speed: 150-300m/min 

Voltage: 380V,50Hz 

Diameter of Finished Products: 60-150mm(tightness can be adjusted) 

Perforating Distance: 100-150mm(it can be adjusted) 

Embossing Unit: Steel Roller or Rubber Roller 

Jumbo Roll Stand: 1-3ply

Different Types Of Rewinder Parameters:

Machine Type109215751760188021002880
Width of Raw Material Paper≤1200≤1800≤2000≤2200≤2400≤3000

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