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Pulp Machine For Waste Paper Pulping Process

Pulp Machine For Waste Paper Pulping Process

Waste paper pulp production mainly consists of four parts: pulping, screening and purification, washing and concentration, and bleaching. According to different raw materials, production processes and product characteristics, the waste paper pulp production process is mainly divided into non-deinked waste paper pulp and deinked waste paper pulp.

Paper Pulping Process

1. A typical deinking and pulping process uses mechanical and chemical unit processes to remove ink from the fibers. The production process mainly includes dissociation of waste paper, screening and purification of waste paper pulp, deinking, concentration and storage of pulp, and thermal dispersion.

2. Deinking pulp can be used for products such as newsprint, tissue paper, printing and copying paper, magazine paper (super-calendered paper / light coated paper), some grades of cardboard boxes, etc.

3. The process of non-deinking pulping is much simpler than deinking pulp. The production process uses mechanical cleaning processes, which eliminates deinking and bleaching processes.

4. Non-deinked pulp is mainly used to produce products such as cardboard, corrugated paper and low-grade cardboard. Most waste paper pulp lines are integrated with papermaking.

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