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Waste Paper Recycling Machine

Waste Paper Recycling Machine

Waste paper recycling to make new paper have been a tendency at present, not only implement the concept of circular economy, but save energy and greatly use the paper waste. And start paper making business is a great profit business. Leizhan as professional paper making machine manufacturer, we can provide the turn-key paper making project include the test running and final installation. Paper makers who want to set up paper making line or upgrade the old line can contact us for the related paper and pulp equipment.

Paper Recycling Project Machine

Raw material: OCC, LOCC, AOCC, waste cultural office paper, pulp board etc. 

Waste paper select and breaking: Bale Breaker 

Waste paper conveying machine: Chain Conveyor 

Paper pulper: D type hydrapulper, drum pulper, mc hydrapulper, hc hydrapulper, etc 

Pulp screening: Mid consistency pressure, fractionator, reject separator, fiber separator, etc 

Pulp cleaning: High density cleaner, mid density cleaner, low density cleaner 

Pulp refining: Double disc refiner, DD refiner 

Pulp approaching machine: Inflow pressure screen 

Other pulp making equipment: Pulp agitator, pulp pump, etc 

 We have been in paper machinery industry for about 40 years, our paper recycling machine with advanced technology and high quality, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption, more details, consult us: paperpulpmachinery@gmail.com