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New Type Double Disc Refiner

New Type Double Disc Refiner

Double Disc Refiner is a kind of continuous beating equipment that widely used in paper factory. The double disc refiner has no cutting effect on the fibers. In order to increase the surface area of the fibers, it rubs the fibers in the slurry to refine the filaments. It enables the paper to have stronger binding force, so as to achieve higher physical indicators.

Compare with the other refiner, new type RF series double disc refiner has following benefits:

1. Stainless Steel Shell.

Excellent wear-resistance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

2. Constant Power Control System.

Continuous electricity supply ensure the stable beating effect. Reduce the following equipment burden, which improve the working efficiency of pulp making.

3. RF Series Double Disc Refiner is suitable for various waste paper materials.

Be able to refine wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, waste paper pulp etc. The wide range of raw material meet the improving production demand of paper mills.

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